Site Update: Majo no Tabitabi is dropped

Hey everyone, Nazo here with a rare site update post.

Due to multiple reasons, I am not able to give Majo no Tabitabi the attention it deserves. The translation for Volume 3 was delayed quite a bit as well.

Luckily, flowingcloud from Yado-Inn has kindly agreed to take over the project. Chapter One of Volume 4 has been translated and you can read it here.

I will continue to put my efforts into translating YuuSega, Diego no Kyojin, and Isekai Quest.


2 thoughts on “Site Update: Majo no Tabitabi is dropped

  1. It sad that you have to drop it but thank you for tranfer it to other translator ( most translator san just drop dead or on life support and bring their project to grave with them instead of what ypu just did so thank you very much)

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