Isekai Quest After School! – Volume 1 Final Chapter

Final Chapter – Together with You

Tsugami Kazaya was an ordinary high school student.

He was not particularly intelligent, nor was he especially gifted at physical activities. He was not ugly, but he wasn’t handsome either, and his body had a medium build. In short, he was an ordinary teenager, no matter how you looked at it. He was just one among a multitude of such boys within the country.

However, Kazaya had a secret.

After school, he would teleport to another world called Grimveria and explore the mysteries of the islands there while fighting against terrifying demonic beasts. He was just a regular boy in his own world, but he was something of a hero to the people in that other world.

He had no problems with living that sort of a double life, and since his days in Grimveria were so exciting and attractive, he was content to remain an unremarkable student at his school.

However, he felt that he had been attracting quite a bit of attention from the other students at his school lately.

There was only one reason for that. The presence of a person called Mikoto Chihiro.

Accomplished at both studies and physical activities. Possessed of beauty and grace. Calm and collected. Absolutely flawless in every way. One of a kind. There had never been a girl like her in the past, and never again would there be someone as perfect as her.

Most likely, any word or idiom used to describe beauty would fit her perfectly. This girl who looked like she came straight out of a painting was one year older than Kazaya and was his senior at his school. Despite the fact that every student at the school admired her, she was always cool and aloof and did not allow anyone to get close…. However, nobody knew the truth about her.

She actually liked games and manga and could be a little absent-minded. She also had a tendency to do outrageous things every once in a while.

She was the reason why there were rumors flying around about Kazaya. Everyone wanted to know why Mikoto Chihiro, who was known to everyone but did not allow anyone to approach her, was on such good terms with a plain-looking boy like Kazaya.

“Hey look, it’s Mikoto-senpai.”

“She’s really so beautiful….”

Kazaya could hear people saying things like that as he walked along the hallway at school.

The students who happened to be in Chihiro’s path while she was walking moved to either side to make way for her, just like Moses parting the Red Sea using a mythical power. While everyone else around her treated her as an object of worship and did not dare to approach her, she saw Kazaya and her eyes widened slightly.

Kazaya gave her a polite bow, and she nodded back in greeting. And then, as they passed by each other, Chihiro gently whispered into his ear.

“……See you again at that place.”

Kazaya felt his heartbeat quicken when he heard that whisper that tickled his eardrum.

When Kazaya turned around to look at her, she stuck her tongue out slightly so that only he could see, and pulled something out from within her shirt. It was a pendant made from a red gemstone which had a beautiful shine to it. Kazaya also had one just like it.

After that, Chihiro reverted to her dignified gaze and walked away from him.

“Hey, Kazaya. Did Mikoto-senpai say something to you just now?”

Seeing Kazaya standing still in the hallway, his friend Maesaki asked him that as he passed by.

“Seriously, why are you the only person who is on good terms with Mikoto-senpai? Just tell me the reason already.”

Maesaki asked him that while clinging to him, and Kazaya replied.

“I wonder why.”

Back to the topic of Kazaya’s secrets. Until some time ago, he had just one. Now he had two.

The first secret was that he could freely travel to the other world called Grimveria whenever he wanted.

The other secret was that he went on adventures after school in that world with the Senpai that he adored and looked up to.

“Lately, you look like you’re having fun, Kazaya.”

Hearing Ayukawa’s voice laden with jealousy, Kazaya thought that she had a point.

He had fun before as well. However, things might become a lot more fun in the future.

That held true for both his life in the other world and his life at school. The reason for that was simple.

It was because Mikoto Chihiro was always by his side.


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