Isekai Quest After School Volume 1 PDF and EPUB release

The PDF and EPUB files for Isekai Quest volume 1 are ready. You can get them from the Downloads link on the main menu.


Isekai Quest Volume 1

Translator: Nazo

Editor: Lass Isolet

Please don’t remove the credits page from the files if you want to make use of the translation.

5 thoughts on “Isekai Quest After School Volume 1 PDF and EPUB release

  1. Can’t seem to download it. I get an error for too many redirects. I haven’t used Mediafire in a while, so not sure if it’s because of computer’s security settings?

  2. Thx a lot for the first volume brother i loved it this series while pretty clicheish was still pretty fun since i enjoyed Senpai and the MC’s character and character interactions, sure everything is pretty standard but it was still pretty fun i liked the teasing Senpai and that even if the MC is the usual “what she enjoyed it when i complimented her blushed and told me that she really enjoyed my company, maybe she likes me ? no, no i’m sure it’s my misunderstanding” dense piece of shit he’s still better then others at least he was pretty honest with her.
    Eagerly awaiting Volume 2 brother hope that it’s withing your plans to translate it lol.

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