Riviere and The Nation of Prayer – Prologue


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Atop the ocean, there is a country where the ground gently slopes up toward the sky, like a hill.

There is a cathedral on top of the hill, and the streets around it seem to be looking up—or rather, clinging to—the cathedral.

Be that as it may, the sight of this country standing in dignified silence was all too beautiful, to the extent that it even appeared divine. It was said that all the travelers who came to visit would mutter that they could not wait to enter the country.

As for me, I have never gazed at this country from the outside and so I don’t really understand how beautiful it really is. I also don’t feel anything in particular about living in a country that everyone else is envious of.

Walking around on the streets of the country are humans, demons, and beastmen. In other words, all manner of species intermingle here, which is why the streets are like the epitome of chaos.

People enter this country expecting beautiful and sublime sights and instead they find a strange country that is filled with all manner of strange races. It makes no sense. I have heard that there are many travelers who get angry for exactly that reason. Do some fact-checking before you come, idiots.

In any case, this is a place that is known for being filled with all manner of strange things.

I’m not sure what exactly is strange, but the fact is that the interior of the country is completely different from the exterior, or so I’ve heard. Although I’m not sure what exactly is different.

Someday, when I go outside this country, I might also say something similar to what was said by the droves of people who visited this place.

….While thinking about things like that, I am living another ordinary day in this city that looks extraordinary by the standards of outsiders.

This country is called the municipal territory of Krauslein.

Alternatively, it is also called thus.

—The Nation of Prayer.

[Illustrations] [Prologue] [Chapter 1]

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