Yuusha no Segare – Volume 4 Afterword


It has been a fairly long while since I became an adult and started working as an author, which is all the more reason why I am worried about my “future path.”

My days during middle school, high school, and college were filled with recklessness and pessimism, but at least I had the choice of, “Let’s see how far I can progress along this path,” back then.

Eventually, everyone reaches a point where the “Just do whatever you can,” attitude no longer helps you move forward. That trend is particularly striking in this profession of being an author.

The choice of merely maintaining the status quo does not exist. If one does not continuously struggle to produce something new, the threat of perpetual stagnation is always only one step away.

Kenzaki Yasuo, Dianaze Krone, Tatewaki Shouko, and Feigreid Rubiz.

Just as the story of their travels was a story of them searching for their future paths, it was also a story of how an author called Wagahara Satoshi took one more step forward towards his own future path.

This book is a tale of how a young man and the women around him chose their own futures in order to get through the darkness and find a light in the two worlds where nobody knows what might happen. Only the future knows if I will be able to continue working as an author without regretting the choices that the young men and women made and the answer that they arrived at.

To all the people who traveled along with me on this journey of Tokorozawa and Ante Lande, I hope I will see you again in a brand new story. Goodbye.

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