Graveyard Shift Dracula – Volume 2.0

Graveyard Shift Dracula! Volume 2.0

It’s that time of the year that vampires hate the most—Christmas. Even though it’s depressing enough for Toraki (a vampire/night-shift worker at a convenience store in Ikebukuro) that the town is filled with decorations of crosses, he had a bigger problem to deal with. His natural enemy, the androphobic nun Sister Iris, decided to move into the flat next to his own.

After being declared her partner for carrying out her holy missions, Toraki tries his best to escape from Iris. However, it was the year-end busy period at his convenience store job, leaving him on the brink of breaking down.

At that time, a beautiful exchange student calling herself Liang Shiling appears as a new part-time worker at the convenience store. Toraki works hard at his job along with Shiling, but Iris and Miharu decide to visit to see how things are going, with predictable results.

In addition, the convenience store even faces an attack by robber—!?

Volume 2 of the vampire slice of life fantasy, brought to you by the author of the “Hataraku Maou-sama!” series, Wagahara Satoshi!