Isekai Quest After School! – Volume 2.0

Isekai Quest After School! Volume 2 ~A Beautiful, Silver-haired Girl is Apparently Interested In Me~

One day, during his summer vacation, Kazaya ends up saving a beautiful, silver-haired girl called Elsie when she’s in danger of drowning. After parting ways with the girl who tried her best to express her thanks in stilted Japanese, Kazaya travels to the other world with Chihiro—only to run into Elsie over there once more!!

The three of them hit it off after going on a quest together, and Kazaya and Chihiro end up agreeing to show Elsie around Japan. Despite not being able to communicate with him properly while on Earth, Elsie aggressively tries to close the gap with Kazaya. She is able to communicate with him in the other world, though, so of course, she doesn’t let up over there either!

On the other hand, Chihiro starts to feel more and more conflicted while watching how Elsie speaks and behaves…

This is the long-awaited second volume of the fantasy love comedy that spans two worlds!!


Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 2

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