Yuusha no Segare – Volume 3.0


A brand-new slice-of-life fantasy brought to you by the author of “The Devil is a Part-Timer!” – Volume 3!

Unable to bear the repeated assaults by the Shii, Yasuo’s father Hideo makes the decision to go to the other world, Ante Lande. The decide to take Shouko along in order to remove the Shii that possessed her body, and so the Kenzaki family + Diana go as a group of five people to visit Shouko’s parents and convince them to let her go on the trip.

Their group consists of the former Hero of Salvation, the Great Sage, and Magitech Knight from another world, but compared to explaining the concept of “another world” to ordinary people from Japan, the thought of taking down the Demon King or fighting against the Shii actually seems easier!?

After somehow concluding the negotiations, they jumped into the Gate that connects to the other world, only for an unexpected development to take place involving the ex-Hero Hideo! Thrown all alone into an unfamiliar forest, Yasuo becomes certain that it is not Earth, but the “other world”. Are his adventures as the Son of the Hero finally about to start!?



Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4




Translation: Nazo

Editing: Aardvark

Quality Check: Ibra

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