Yuusha no Segare – Volume 4.0

The stage shifts from Tokorozawa City to the other world. It’s time for the climax of the slice-of-life fantasy!

Yasuo managed to reunite with Diana in the other world, Ante Lande, and even added the Magitech Knight Feigreid to his party. In order to find a way to remove the Shii that possessed Shouko, the group decides to go to a museum in Baskelgarde, a major world power, and investigate the first-ever Techno Weapon, an ‘Orion, Destroyer of Armies’, that was being displayed there. However, at that moment the black flame in Shouko’s left eye suddenly burned violently, and the four of them were swallowed up by that flame…..

Once Yasuo regained consciousness, he came face to face with Raia, the Shii that possessed Shouko. She starts to explain the reason why she was reincarnated in the modern world as a Shii……

Can the ordinary, high-school student son of the hero save the world from a crisis!? What about the subtle love triangle (?) between Yasuo, Shouko, and Diana!? It’s time for Volume 4, the climax!


Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 2

Chapter 1, Part 3

Chapter 1, Part 4

Interlude – 1

Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter 2, Part 3

Chapter 2, Part 4

Interlude – 2

Chapter 3, Part 1

Chapter 3, Part 2

Chapter 3, Part 3

Interlude – 3

Chapter 4, Part 1

Chapter 4, Part 2

Chapter 5



Translation: Nazo

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