Translation Notes

Chapter 1

[1]Takemitsu swords: Swords used in theatrical plays. they’re made from wood and covered in metallic foil to make them look real.

[2]Imitation sword: Made from metal, but not sharpened and has no cutting edge.


[4]Shirahadori: The act of catching a sword blade between the palms. Extremely dangerous.

[5]Namu Amida Butsu: A Buddhist sutra. See for more details.

[6]Ohyou: Halibut. Diana is confused between sutras (okyou) and the halibut fish (ohyou).

Chapter 2

[7] Knight: Knight(騎士) and the ‘Knight’ part of Magitech Knight (魔導機士) are pronounced the same way but written differently.

Chapter 3


[9] A folktale about borrowing someone’s image to make yourself look more important.

Chapter 4

[10] First-class compartments on bullet trains are called ‘Green Cars’.

Final Chapter

[11] The kanji (康) in Yasuo’s name, and the kanji (和) in Nodoka’s name both mean ‘peace’.